Revolutionaire oplossingen, praktische producten.

Serendipi is an innovative software company founded in 2007 to develop software for subsidy administration. Since its inception, in close harmony with our customers, our team managed to develop a portfolio of software aimed at the optimisation and automation of business processes. Throughout the development process elements such as security, transparency of process and management and user friendliness are matched to the highest standards of compliance and accountability.

Screenshot van Workflow, een praktisch product

Onze producten

We currently have three product lines to offer to our customers. At a later stage you may expect information on new product lines and products to be published.

  • Compliance software

    Our compliance software is designed to facilitate the 'foolproof' automation and administration of ESF subsidy processes. Our proprietary ICAS software suite supports the administrative processes and maximizes the benefits of ESF subsidies for small and medium sized companies. Built upon the same principles but with a different topography, the ILAS software suite facilitates larger and more complex organisations in the administration and maximisation of ESF subsidies.
  • Employee Assistance Programs

    In a world that accepts the internet as one of its most important communication channels, organizations increasingly revert to the adoption of e-HRM systems for their primary, human resource related, activities. As a direct result, we have noticed a simultaneous rise in the (out-) sourcing of Employee Assistance Programs. Modelled on a best practice in the complex European market, our EAP software suite is a SAAS solution for this specialised service.
  • Flo

    Flo is projectmanagement, CRM, HRM, timemangement and billing in a total package. More information can be found in this presentation (dutch).

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